StorageFrom purpose-built and multi-user facilities, we design and develop warehousing solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.We operate  dedicated warehouses in key trade gateways across our global network, employing skilled warehousing teams to manage our service suite, which includes facilities management through to design and construction.

We can provide safe and secure storage for everything from retail, Service parts and fragile items through to high-risk and hazardous materials, and high-security items. We also specialise in state of the art warehousing technologies, including the development of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Our warehousing capability is complemented by our storage solutions, designed and developed to our customers supply chain requirements. Aamro is able to deliver storage solutions that bring to our customer quantifiable benefits in terms of reduced storage space and cargo handling costs, and inventory accuracy through the optimisation of storage options and through the streamlining of activities.

We provide our customers with increased visibility into the supply chain by:

  • providing real-time data that allows for accurate insight into total inventory available
  • managing assets moving through the supply chain
  • automatically issuing replenishment notices to ensure that products are consistently available.

Our warehouse facilities are equipped with our own internally developed warehouse management system to manage the WHS inventory, inbound and outbound handling, and customized value add services, as well as careful climate, humidity and temperature control.

Secure storage - for customers who require extra security for their components, we provide a secure storage program. A dedicated segment of the warehouse is assigned and kept under lock and key.

Bonded warehouses - we provide fully licensed bonded warehousing at locations across our global network allowing our customers the flexibility to defer payment of import duty until their consignment is required. We can take care of the customs clearance and organise transportation logistics as your goods are required.

Vehicle storage - we have vehicle storage facilities in key locations across our global network where we can receive, prepare and store cars pre-delivery or pre-inspection; including under bond.

Open yard storage - our open yard storage facilities, including pipe services and management facilities, provide storage solutions for our customers in the oil and gas industries.

Temperature controlled storage - when your goods require refrigeration or to be stored at set temperatures we have the warehousing capacity to house and maintain the integrity of your goods.