Reverse Logistics

dv1Aamro integrates product returns into your overall supply chain strategy. By co-locating repair and refurbishment with forward distribution into a single facility, you can realize significant benefits.

You work with one logistics partner. Every function associated with product returns management is consolidated into a single entity. The result? Fewer hand-offs, warehouses and touches. Improved product visibility and control. And faster returns processing. It all adds up to increased asset recovery value, an improved customer experience and lower infrastructure, transportation and labour costs – with a smaller carbon footprint.

Reverse logistic Services

  • Transportation of returned product back to our distribution center.
  • Processing returned merchandise for reasons such as damage, seasonal, restock, salvage, recall, or excess inventory.
  • Disposing of returned goods.
  • Recycling packaging materials and reusing containers.
  • Reconditioning, re manufacturing and refurbishing products.

For pick up of RMA parts from your facility please use our online booking form. Please contact us at for the user name and password.