IOR/EOR Service

checkAs your IOR/EOR service provider, Aamro Freight & Shipping Services LLC  acts as your company’s in-country legal entity, this will  also allow your company to keep spares inventory near your end customer sites to support quick turn repairs.

The Solution:

  • Aamro acts as the importer for customs purposes at the time of import/export
  • Aamro will support Telecommunication Homologation and registrations in other countries 
  • Aamro will apply for necessary import/export licenses or permits
  • Aamro will maintain records for the minimum duration required by law as well as required by the customers
  • Aamro will prepare Certificates of Origin if required
  • Aamro ‘s international trade expertise enables companies to avoid costly trade compliance penalties

The Result:

  • A simplified shipment clearance process
  • No cost to establish legal entities in foreign countries
  • A transparent process that is fully compliant with all the Import / Exports laws, of the importing or exporting countries,  including a document retention system in compliance with import and export regulations
  • A shipment tracking and document control system that is easily accessible worldwide