Information Technology

ITAccurate and timely transfer of information is as important as moving the shipment itself. At Aamro Freight & Shipping Services LLC, we view technology and systems development as a core business strategy and strength. All our offices across the globe and connected to our central servers which reside in Dubai, with back up in India and the USA.

Our Ware House Management System (WMS), provides all our customers a realtime visibility of all their inventory and shipment movements worldwide. Our IT team is always developing new systems applications and enhancement to our existing systems. This consistency drives global standardization and enhances the quality and efficiency of our communications. Our internal systems are built to provide efficiency and functionality to our staff, allowing us to provide outstanding customer service and competitive rates so that our customers can efficiently and proactively manage their global supply chain.

We recognise the importance of EDI to increase productivity and further the development of a paperless environment between our customers and service providers. Our EDI and document imaging capabilities provide real-time visibility, increase data accuracy, eliminate document re-keying and provide standard communications with all concerned.

All our delivery vehicles are fitted with the most modern state of the art GPS systems and we have also Geo Fencing in place so that our control desk has complete control of all our delivery vehicles. Which means better delivery performances