Back Office Process

help Aamro offers Back Office Services to many multinationals as we have knowledge of all processes from order placement, active or live order follow up to order fulfillment and reverse logistics, accounting services and medical transcription . Our staff are exposed to the actual logistics operations rather than just data entry operations which is the case for many BPO offices in many countries. We have highly experienced and qualified engineers in our team to assist you in all aspects of logistics and supply chain management, which means they are not merely computer data entry operators so it makes big difference as mistakes are non-existent and the processes are completed within the KPIs set by our customers . By using our services, our customers have achieved substantial saving and profits. Our staff motivational levels across the board are very high that leads in a stable team with very high performance levels. 

Our dedicated Help desk has been operational for a few years and has been very well received by our customer base.

The improved communication flow enables you to save time, avoid miscommunication and be sure of receiving quality and accurate information for all your shipment movements. Alternatively customers can also log in to our portal at for realtime visibility of their shipments.

Key Features

  • Single point of contact
  • Dedicated team operating 24/7/365

Key Benefits

  • Saving on time, while avoiding any miscommunication
  • Reducing administration by utilising a single channel for enquiries
  • Coordinating with a trusted global agency, enabling accurate decision making
  • Proven benefits and value for our customers

Contact Aamro 24/7 Help Desk

24/7 Desk Hotline: 

+91 9176054194 or +91 9176054196 or +971504620343